Friday, February 24, 2012

Things I have learned over the last few months...

So. I suck at this updating thing. Almost as much as I suck at actually getting my homework done the night before it's due instead of the day of haha. Yeah, I'm still working on that. But I was reflecting today, and I wanted to share a few of the things I've learned over the last few months of my life.

1. It's good to get out and socialize.

Seriously. I used to spend all my spare time in my room, watching Hulu, reading, or sleeping. I'm not insinuating that any of those are bad activities; I'm just saying that socializing with your roommates every once in a while is healthy- even fun! Who knew, right? Without getting out of my "comfort zone" (more like the zone I put myself in because I was too lazy to do anything else), I would not have all the amazing friendships with my roommates that I have today. And without those friendships, I would have missed out on a lot of adventures. Which brings me to item 2:

2. Get out and have adventures.

Instead of asking "Why?", you should ask "Why not?" You can't just sit by and let life come careening around the corner, kicking up dirt in its '67 Shelby GT 500 Mustang, and let it drive right on by you, leaving you standing there choking on the dust of lost opportunity. JUMP IN THE CAR. I don't mean go find the first car you see driving by and jump in--as that would be both dangerous and stupid--I mean jump in the metaphorical car of life. Take these things I've learned for example:

a. Late night sledding adventures (which resulted in bruised ribs and sides aching from laughter) are always great. By the way, you can fit 5 people on a sled designed for one or two. Just stack them up like Jenga blocks.

b. Cinnamon rolls are good at ANY time of day. Or night. Including the wee hours of the morning. Especially if they are of larger proportions.

c. Facebook conversations are more fun when you're sitting next to the person whose stuff you're commenting on. Especially if you are listening to the "Aladdin" soundtrack.

d. Don't get into marker fights with a guy who can wrap you in a bear hug. He will turn your own marker against you. Trust me.

e. It's okay to hang out on the roof of your house- as long as your house manager is the one who invites you up there.

f. Drunk frat boys are looking for one of a few things: hugs and kisses (...a trip inside your jeans), sympathy, or a place to puke.

g. Go and see scary movies with people who scare easily. And then, when they get in the shower when you get home, turn off the lights and stand outside the shower door with a black towel over your head. Slap your hand against the glass if you're feeling particularly mean.

h. I should not see intense movies when I'm hyper. Otherwise, I come home and reenact them for my roommates. Take, for example, "The Grey".

"And he was like 'whatever beezies! I'm injured and I can still run faster than all ya'll!' And they wouldn't have lived as long as they did if it weren't for him. And as soon as he finished that story, I knew that guy was getting his face munched by a wolf! And I was like ten minutes tops! And then his daughter was there but I knew she was a hallucination because she was all glow-y and *angel sing-y* And then you hear a wolf growl and I was all 'Sh*t!' And then he trekks straight. into. the. wolf. den. Straight into the effing den! And that's where the movie ends! That's where it ends!! The plane crashes and then all this crap happens! And then everybody dies. Everybody dies!! They didn't even know... they didn't even know! Because they were everywhere. They were EVERYWHERE!!"

(This was transcribed by my good friend, Sierra, while I was busy acting out the plot on our kitchen floor. With extremely exaggerated hand motions/body movements. I played all the roles. Yep.)


i. "Glee" should not cast Jeff Goldblum as a gay man in a pink sweater. The contradiction made my brain explode.

j. Creamies are in fact the answer for every problem. Hungry? Eat a Creamie. Depressed? Eat a Creamie. Bored? Eat a Creamie.

k. Phase 10 turns everyone into competitive backstabbers. End of story. But, that's also why it's super fun.

l. I watch more movies than is probably healthy for one person.

m. Do NOT put cayenne pepper in your cake. It does NOT taste good, no matter what you might think.

n. DO YOUR HOMEWORK THE NIGHT BEFORE. It frees up a lot of time later for you to go get ice cream, make a cuddle pit in the basement, or just catch up on some sleep. Plus, then you don't have to stress about it the next day.

o. Peanut butter > life. Forget the spoonful of sugar- give me a spoonful of peanut butter!

p. If you walk down the hair dye aisle at Walmart, chances are your hair is about to change colors- even if you're "just looking".

q. A good pair of jeans is a GREAT investment. 3 good pairs of different styles and washes are even better.

r. DON'T TAKE ANYTHING FOR GRANTED. What is here today will probably be running away from you, screaming, tomorrow.

s. An Ezio hoodie is worth whatever money you have to pay in international shipping to get it.

t. Despite contrary opinions, you can in fact survive a weekend with no internet and nothing but human contact.

u. Getting a package in the mail when you're in college is better than anything. Except maybe Christmas.

v. Club soda gets blood out of your clothing. And if you're in a jam and need to reattach a button to your sweater, pull the spring out of your pen. You'll get extra credit in your acting class ;).


x. Think outside the box. For example: someone posted this the other day on Facebook. "A guy should only want to change 3 things about a girl: her last name, her address, and her opinion of men." Most people say "Aww cute!" You should say what I did: "So, you want a guy to scar a girl so bad that she changes her identity, moves to a new place, and becomes a lesbian??" You'll get lots more laughs that way.

y. Working out is actually good for you, contrary to popular belief. Especially if you're an insomniac. It makes your body tired so you can actually get some sleep at night.

z. People don't remember days, they remember MOMENTS. So make them count! Say yes to that spontaneous Valentine's Day dinner invitation from your friend's roommate. Play with your nieces and nephews every chance you get. Make someone laugh if they're crying. Hand out hugs like they're going out of style (because they kind of are).

aa. Good hair days mean the rest of your day will be FANTASTIC.

bb. If you're sick and tired, dress up your cutest. Your day will go much more smoothly.

cc. It's okay to spoil yourself once in a while. Eat that ice cream. Buy that jacket or those shoes. Just don't do it excessively. Life is about balance.

dd. Take the initiative. If you want to know if that guy likes you, ask him. Or make a move. Guys- it's the same for you. Ask her. Make a move. Life is too short to waste time being afraid of rejection.

ee. Having a roommate that bakes really delicious goodies all the time is a double-edged sword.

ff. If you don't have a parking lot at your house, but you've got 22 roommates- get creative! The lawn makes an excellent parking spot.

gg. You have to be able to laugh at yourself- especially if you're learning to figure skate. You will fall. More than once. And they will be spectacularly awful.

hh. Keep your friends close and ignore your enemies. Your enemies don't deserve any of the energy it takes to keep an eye on them. They cannot control your life- only you can.

ii. If you find a guy who doesn't care if you're wearing makeup or not, keep him. They are a rare and beautiful breed.

jj. Enjoy being alive! It is a brief, wonderful, terrible, up-and-down ride.

I know I'll think of more things as this semester continues, but I think this is enough for now. C'est la vie!


  1. Ohmagosh! You make me cry! And laugh real loud. Also, I severely appreciate that a good number of these are about/ involve me. You are just great :)

    1. Well, you're only completely immersed in my life! Of course you pop up in here! :)

  2. I just love this. All of this. Your voice is incredible, ma'am.

    1. Well, thanks Bets!!! That means a lot coming from a fellow writer. :)

  3. That's a lot of things learned! But they definitely are great things to learn.