Friday, February 11, 2011

Heifer International

Alright, so we've all seen the Heifer International commercials, right? This is the one problem I have with their plan. This is purely satirical, for those of you who don't know me.

Someone donates their goat to a family. That family now has a way to provide for themselves through the milk, wool, and whatever (in the commercial, there are eggs involved, which I don't understand... goats don't lay eggs...). Okay, so then the goat has babies, right? And that nice family gives a baby goat to their neighbors. Well, now suddenly there's competition in the goat business! And those neighbors give a baby goat to their neighbors, and pretty soon everyone in town has a goat. Well, that's just going to drive milk and wool prices down, thus dropping everyone back into poverty making them eat their goats to survive.

I think Heifer International needs to rethink their advertising processes...

1 comment:

  1. Or it could go like this: Heifer International gives this family a goat(or some goat/chicken hybrid that awesomely lays eggs and is a goat) and they sell their products and they make money. Then their goat has a baby (immaculate conception?) and they now have two goats= twice the money. Soon both goats have babies and there are four goats. They branch out their marketing and begin selling to neighboring villages. Their money and goats rapidly grow and soon they are able to sell for a better price than any of the small 'stores' in the regian and they have a monopoly on the market. Then they build themselves a nice house and little farm for their goats. Then some people think they could easily steal a goat with out getting caught because there are so many goats. So then the family hires guards to keep their goats and their fancy house safe. They branch out to make a small company and their guards increase. Now Heifer International has taken a poor family of nice people and turned them into the rich land owners who have guards roaming the property with automatic weapons. Thank you Heifer International!