Friday, June 11, 2010

Those little moments

Do you ever realize how many "little" moments you have every day? You know, those precious seconds where you look around and realize that your life is great right then? Moments where you're holding a sleeping baby, or laughing with your friends. Moments that can instantly change your mood from sour to sweet. Those are the instants we need to remember. Those are the memories that can keep us going through our darkest times. Everyone needs to add a little sunshine to their life, and the best way to do that is to remember the moments.

Remember the moments that made you smile. Those precious hours you spent laughing so hard you cried. Those days where you spent hours staring up at clouds, at peace with your world. The tiny, seemingly insignificant "accidents" in your life, like receiving a smile from a stranger or a text from someone you were desperately hoping to hear from.

Remember the moments that made your heart race. Your first kiss. Your first big performance. The day you got that important email or letter. The first day of school. The first day on a new job. The list is endless.

Yesterday, I realized just how blessed I was with the friends I had. The hilarity that we experienced together first at BD's house, then at Arctic Circle, and finally here, at my home, cannot be expressed in words. Not after that moment has passed. But I can still remember the feeling. It is still inside of me, waiting for its next chance to burst forth.

I am also blessed with friends who will respect my beliefs, or lack thereof. K and I had a 2 hour discussion at 1 AM about the differences in how we saw the world. And it didn't affect our friendship. I still feel the same amount of love and respect for her as I did before. That is a true miracle, a pure gift that comes rarely in our lifetimes. My heart is overwhelmed with gratitude that I was blessed with such a friend.

Recently, I took upon myself a challenge. To write every day in my journal for a year. So far, I have completed 6 days of my challenge. I went 4 years without recording a single event in my life. And I will never recover those specific experiences. I will remember them vaguely, but I won't remember how I felt on the day I aced a math test or exactly what was running through my mind during that very black year of my life. This is why I have taken the challenge. I don't want to forget anything about my life- good or bad. Because the good will make me smile when I go back later on, and I can grow as a person from the bad that I experience. As long as I record it all on paper.

Treasure each and every moment. Life is not meant to be passed through. "There is really only one beginning and one ending to life; the rest is just a whole bunch of middle."

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