Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Miracle That is Innocence

What is it about little kids that makes us so carefree and fun? I babysat G, E, H, and B yesterday with Mom and C for a few hours. When I first get there, G discovers I have laffy taffy in my hand, which I wasn't planning on eating anyway (braces and all that). But I stuffed it into my pocket, thinking he wouldn't notice. The first thing he asks when I give him a hug: "Where is that candy?" He's so smart.

I think G and I ran around the couch in circles for a solid twenty minutes. And he was having a blast! Which made it all the more fun for me. I'd slow down and almost let him get me and then speed back up again. Which would make him scream with laughter. Which would make me laugh in turn. Poor E tried to keep up with us, but his little footed-pajamas did not work out so well on that hardwood floor. So I'd scoop him up and carry him around while I ran. He loved it.

Sometimes I wish I had never lost that innocence, but I know I'd never make it in this world if I had the understanding of a child. But I do love being around little kids just so that I can be a dork and not be judged for it. It's refreshing. I also enjoy the simplicity in their lives. They are so easily amused! (Case and point: running around the couch.) A child's laugh or smile can immediately bring sunshine into an otherwise gray, dull day. That's the epitome of magic, in my opinion.

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